Customer Education Program (CEP) is an endeavor of Enkay Enterprises for the preparation of a machine operator to enhance his/her operating skills, concepts and understanding that are required for equipment operation, maximize productivity and achieve accurate test results. CEP Press program is open to every individual at the payment of nominal charges. In this program, our instructors demonstrate the right procedure to handle, operate and maintain the material testing machines. Along with operational instruction, basic knowledge about machine maintenance and servicing are also taught to the mechanics.

A machine operates as good as the machine operator. A knowledgeable person can achieve better results on an outdated machine in comparison to a novice operating a latest machine. Most of the machine operators are well versed in theory but lacks practical knowledge. In our CEP program, our engineers provide in depth knowledge about the machine, its operating principles, its applications and detailed steps to perform various tests, most importantly, the right procedure to prepare sample for the test. CEP is organized on the request of our customers and we provide an option to learn the machine operation at customers as well as our premises. At the end of each CEP, candidates are provided with a certificate stating their efficiency in operating the equipment. Along with the certificate, a manual cum operating guide is also provided for future reference.

Interested person can contact us for further details on CEP.