Casagrande Method

Casagrande Method Casagrande Method Product Code: EKE 040
Standrad: IS:2720 (part 5), IS:9259. BS:1377

EKE 040 Liquid Limit Device, motorised supplied with
counter and EKE 04101 Casagrande grooving
tools and gauge block. Suitable for operation on
50 Hz, single phase AC supply.

EKE 041 Liquid Limit Device, with Counter

Optional Extras
EKE 04101 Casagrande Grooving Tool and Gauge
Block (Type A of IS: 9259)
EKE 04102 ASTM Grooving Tool (Type B of IS: 9259)
EKE 04103 Bowl

Mechanical method known as the Casagrande Method has been the standardised test in Soil Mechanics for many years.
High quality of design ensures consistency of results
Satisfies International Standards
Motorised model with integral blow counter available
The Liquid Limit Device consists of a hard rubber base carrying a sliding carriage assembly to which a brass cup is hinged. The cup is raised and allowed to fall through a height of 1 cm on to the hard rubber base, by the help of a lead screw provided at the back of the sliding carriage. Supplied complete with Casagrande Grooving Tool and Gauge Block (Type A of IS: 9259).