Shrinkage Limit Set

Shrinkage Limit Set Shrinkage Limit Set Product Code: EKE 045
Standrad: IS:10077

Consisting one each of:
EKE 04501 Porcelain Evaporating Dish
EKE 04502 Shrinkage Dish
EKE 04503 Glass Cup
EKE 04504 Perspex Prong Plate,
 with three Metal Prongs
EKE 04505 Perspex Plain Plate
EKE 04506 Spatula

EKE 04507 Glass Cylinder, graduated, 25 ml x 0.5 ml
EKE 04508 Mercury, 750 g

The Shrinkage Limit of a soil is defined as the moisture content after which any further reduction of moisture will not cause volume reduction. The shrinkage of clayey soil can be very significant. A fully saturated soil specimen is allowed to dry in free air and its volume is measured repeatedly by immersing in a mercury bath. From the data obtained from this test, Shrinkage Limit, Shrinkage Ratio, Shrinkage Index and Volumetric Shrinkage can be calculated.
The choice of puddle-clay materials is often governed by the results obtained from this test.