Sampling Tube, 38 mm dia

Sampling Tube, 38 mm dia Sampling Tube, 38 mm dia Product Code: EKE 006

EKE 008: Sampling Outfit, Heavy Duty The outfit consists of the following:

EKE 00801: Auger, Blade Type, 150 mm dia with 38 mm dia x 1 m long road, T-piece and a handle

EKE 00802: Extension Rod, Heavy Duty, I m long and 38 m dia

EKE 00803: Spanner, for tightening the extension Rods

EKE 00804: Jarring Link, large, for Driving Samplers, This can be connected to the sampler to EKE 00802
Extension Rod, Eye Hook, Wax container, Methylated Spirit Stove and wax ladle complete as above, in a carrying case.

EKE 016: Split Spoon Sampler, Ref. Standard 1S: 9640

EKE 017: Split Spoon Sampler, With liner Ref. Standrad IS: 9640

EKE 024: 'A' Drill Rod,1.5 m long, complte with adapter

EKE 13401: Dymanic Cne, Plain 50 mm dia base and cne angle of 60 degree

EKE 13402: Cone Adapter, Wth Standard Threads

EKE 13403: Dynamic Cone, Threaded for Type 'A' Rod coupling

EKE 022: Tripod With Pulley and ladder

For collecting undiaturbed samples of soil at different depths. This kit includes all necessary implemants for boring, driving and melting wax. The outfit, in conjunction with samplers, can be used to collect undisturbed samples to depth of 6 m. If the site conditions permit the depth of operation can be increased by adding extra extension rods.

Sampling Tubes, 50mm to 150 mm dia

These Undisturbed Sampling tubes can be used with EKE 008 Sampling Outfit. Each sampler is 450 mm long and supplied complete wih two end caps, cutting nose, driving head with air outlet value and three C-spanners

Tin Wall Samplers

Each sampler is 600 mm long and has a hardened cutting edge. Samplers can be used with 'A' drill roda or EKE 008 Sampling outfit by selecting suitable sdapters.


Sampler Cat.No. Inside Dia Extra Tube Cat.No. Extra Cutting Nose Cat.No. Extra Driving head cat. No Extra End caps Extra set of Three c-Spanners Cat.Number
EKE 009 50mm EKE 00901 EKE 00902 EKE 00903 EKE 00904 EKE 00905
EKE 010 100mm EKE 01001 EKE01002 EKE 01003 EKE01004 EKE 01005
EKE 011 150mm EKE 01101 EKE 01102 EKE 01103 EKE 01104 EKE 01105


Sampler cat No. Inside Dia Adapter for use with EKE 008 Adapters for use with 'A' Drill Rod
EKE 012 50mm EKE 01201 EKE 01202
EKE 013 75mm EKE 01301 EKE 01302
EKE 014 100mm EKE 01401 EKE 01402