DE-Aired water apparatus

DE-Aired water apparatus DE-Aired water apparatus Product Code: EKE 097-1
  • Soil testing Apparatus for reduction of time and labour to consolidate soil samples
  • For Simultaneous flushing of many hydraulic piezometer lines in dams and earth works to considerably reduce labour and disturbance at the top ends

It is  particularly important that only de-aired water is used in the pore preessure measurement system.Any dissolved air in the water leads to error in measurement of pore pressure,particularly at low pressure

it is a compact self contained unit,will de-air quickly and effectively reduce levels of dissolved oxygen,acceptable for geotechnical test methods.Air is removed from the water by a vaccum system which continously circulates the water in the tank. The unit is supplied with perspex water container which hold a maximum of 15 ltr of water input and output lines are fixed with 4mm (approx) and 6 mm (approx) ID of plastic tubing respectively.