Clegg Impact Tester

Clegg Impact Tester Clegg Impact Tester Product Code: EKE0773

Dimensions (L x W x H): 750 x 230 x 250mm (in case)
Weight: 12.5kg

The Clegg Impact Soil Tester provides a means for measuring and controlling soil strength and consolidation levels during trench reinstatement. It is also used to confirm uniform compaction of over wide areas of ground, identifying poorly compacted areas and ineffective rolling of materials.
The Tester consists of a 4.5kg compaction hammer operating within a vertical guide tube. When the hammer is released from a fixed height it falls through the tube and strikes the surface under test, decelerating at a rate determined by the stiffness of the material within the region of impact. A precision accelerometer mounted on the hammers feeds its output to a hand held digital readout unit which registers the deceleration in units of Impact Value (IV) over a typical measuring range of I to 60 IV. The IV indicates soil strength and shows good correlation with CBR test results.