Compaction Test Apparatus, Manual

Compaction Test Apparatus, Manual Compaction Test Apparatus, Manual Product Code: EKE 111
Standrad: Standards IS:2720 (Part 7), IS:2720 (Part 8) IS:91

Soil compaction is a fundamental requirement for the construction of earth fill for dams, reservoirs, canal embankments, highways, railways and runways. The relationship between soil moisture content and compacted dry density is very useful for deciding construction specifications and quality control of compacted earthfill. While designing an earth or earth retaining structure, the strength and deformation behaviour of soil is evaluated by testing soil specimen compacted to the density as would be achieved during construction The construction quality control is essentially to check the density of compacted soil achieved in the field, thereby checking its strength.

Cat. No. Compaction mould, complete Rammer Remarks
with Collar and Base Plate,
made of Gunmetal
Rammer Remarks
EKE 110
Compaction Test Apparatus
EKE11001 100 mm ID, 127.3 mm height 
1,000 ml volume
EKE 11002 2.6 kg x 310 mm fall as per IS:9198 Ref. Standard IS:2720(Part Vll) for light compaction test
EKE 111 Compaction Test Apparatus EKE 11101 150 mm ID, 127.3 mm height 2,250 ml volume as per IS:9198 EKE 11102 4.9 kg x 450 mm fall Ref. Standard IS:2720(Part Vlll) for heavy compaction test
EKE112 Proctor Compaction Apparatus EKE 11201 105 mm ID, 115.5 mm height
1,000 ml volume
EKE 11202 2.5 kg x 300 mm fall Ref. Standard BS:1377
EKE 113 Proctor Compaction Apparatus EKE 11301 Compaction Mould 152 mm ID, 116.4 mm height
2,250 ml volume
EKE11302 4.54 kg x 457 mm fall Ref. Standard ASTM D 698/D1557 for heavy compaction test