California Bearing Ratio

California Bearing Ratio California Bearing Ratio Product Code: EKE 0271
  • Accurate speed control using stepper motor
  • Microprocessor based design
  • Large (20mm) LED display
  • Dual speed CBR machine (BS and ASTM)
  • Fast platen adjustment speed 50mm / min.
  • Optional data logger for automatic data collection at extra cost

Ordering information

EKE 50 I2  CBR & Marshal
EKE 50 I I -RS   CBR & Mar
for computer control


EKEZ0360 - 5001b Z-Beam Load Cell
25mm Linear DisplacementT-ansducer (LSCT) EKEZ0361 - 7501b Z-Beam Load Cell EKE0289A - for DDG
EKEZ0362 - 1OOOlb Z-Beam Load Cell EKE0289G - for LCST
EKEZ0363 - 20001b Z-Beam Load Cell
EKEZ0364 - 50001b Z-Beam Load Cell EKE0289C - for DDG
EKEZ0365 - 100001b Z-Beam Load Cell EKE0289J - for LCST