Automatic Free Fall Hammer

Automatic Free Fall Hammer Automatic Free Fall Hammer Product Code: EKE 025

EKE 02-501: Anvil

EKE 02502: Front wheel

EKE 00503: Hammer Guide Assembly

EKE 02504: Fall Hammer attached to a flexible rope and drum, operated manually.

EKE 0205: Base Assembly for the hammer system with suitable wheels for moving about when attached to a vehichle.

Essential Accessories ( included in the standrad outfit)

EKE 016: Spit Spoon sampler

EKE 02: Tripod with Pulley and built in Ladder

EKE 02402: 'A' Drill Rod,1.0 m long, with adapter

Optional Acessories

EKE 017Split spoon sampler, with Liner

EKE 13401: Dynamic Cone plain, 50 mm dia bae and come angle of 60 degree

EKE 13402: Cone Adapter with standard threads

EKE 13403: Dynamic Cone Threaded for Type 'A' Rod Coupling.

It is desighned to deliver equal impact energy in each blow while performing Standard Penetration Test. This is acheived by providing a trigger mechanism to standardise the height of fall and a suitable guide system for maintaning vertically of guide rod and drill rod assembly. The guide system also maintains their alignment throughout the duration of the test. The system is compact and easy to use, provides maximum safety for the operator.