In-situ Vane Shear Test Apparatus

In-situ Vane Shear Test Apparatus In-situ Vane Shear Test Apparatus Product Code: EKE 138
Standrad: Standard I S: 4434

This apparatus is designed for conducting in-situ vane shear test from the bottom of a bore hole in saturated cohesive deposits, for determining their in-place shearing resistance. The equipment consists of a torque applicator assembly mounted on a base. A gear wheel, which is marked in degrees, holds a torque ring and is geared to a crank. The torque ring has a section cut from it and deforms as torque is applied and the deformation is indicated by a dial gauge. A pointer is provided for registering the rotation of the vane. A detachable stand is provided to anchor the instrument. An
attachment to securely hold the string of rods is provided. A calibration curve to convert the dial gauge readings to kg-cm of torque is also supplied.


EKE 13801 Torque Applicator Assembly, capacity
2,000 kg-cm. Complete with stand
EKE 13802 Vane (with Vane Rod),
37.5 mm dia x 75 mm high
EKE 13803 Vane (with Vane Rod), one
EKE 13804 Torque Rod (square cross section)
60 cm long
Twenty five
EKE 13805 Rods (quick coupling type)
1 m long
Twenty five
EKE 13806 Rods (quick coupling type)
0.5 m long
EKE 13807 Dummy Rod One