Hand operated Extractor

Hand operated Extractor Hand operated Extractor Product Code: EKE 031

EKE 03101: Sample Extractoir Frame, Screw Type with a wire Sample Trimmer

EKE 03102: Jarring Link, For sriving the Sampling Tube of 38 mm dia

EKE 03103: Adapter with Locking Screw, for fitting the 38 mm dia Sampling Tube to Jarring Link

EKE 03104: Split Mould, 38 mm dia x 88 mm long, provided with Quick Release Clamps, It can be fitted to EKE 03101 Sample Extrator

EKE 03105: Split Mould, Same as EKE 03104 But with length of 76 mm

EKE 006: Sampling Tube, Unrelieved, 38 mm dia x 200 mm long pair

The sample extractors shown in this section meet the requirements of Indian, British, ASTN and AASHTO standards.Soil core specimens can be extracted from sampling tubes with minimum disturbance. Specimens of smaller dia can also be extracted from larger size samples.