Core Cutter

Core Cutter Core Cutter Product Code: EKE 161
Standrad: Standard IS:2720 (Part 29)

EKE 16101 Cylindrical Core Cutter, made of steel, 100 mm dia x 130 mm long
EKE 16102 Steel Dolly, 25 mm high and 100 mm dia, fitted with a lip, to enable it to be located on top of the Core-Cutter
EKE 16103 Rammer, with Steel Rod
Optional Extras
EKE 16104 Cylindrical Core Cutter, 100 mm dia x 175 mm long
EKE 16105 Cylindrical Core Cutter, 100 mm dia x 250 mm long
EKE 16106 Cylindrical Core Cutter, 150 mm dia x 300 mm long
EKE 16107 Dolly, for EKE16106

Core Cutter of known volume is driven into the soil by a rammer. The core cutter is dug out, trimmed and the soil inside weighed and dried for moisture and density check