Sampleject-HYDRO Sampleject-HYDRO Product Code: EKE 033

This Extractor has been specially designed to overcome the difficulties faced in extracting specimens from longer sampling tubes.

  • High efficiency hydraulic pump
  • Power pack with quick release couplings
  • Manual operation possible on power failure
  • Ejects soil from sampling tubes and moulds upto 60 cm in length and 38 to 150 mm in diameter by a single operation
  • Allows direct transfer of soil from field sampling tubes, Proctor and CBR Moulds into 38 mm diameter tubes with minimal disturbance.

Hydraulic Sample Extruder – Electrical-cum-Hand Operated

60 cm piston stroke

50kN pushing force

Adapter rings and ejector discs for 38, 50, 75, 100 and 150 mm dia sampling tubes or moulds, included

Electrical-cum-hand operated or only hand operated hydraulicsystem

Built-in safety valve to prevent loading beyond 50kN

Portable, but with facility for floor mounting

Lever for selecting up/down movement of piston

Top-plate for holding upto 6 sampling tubes of 38 mm dia

6 nos. EKE 006 Thin wall sampling tubes of 38 mm dia and 200 mm length, supplied alongwith.