Laboratory equipment for fully Automatic Triaxial tests

Product Code: EKE-110T

The Triaxial loading frame is desighned as a stand unit in which the mechanic,pneumatic as well as the necessary electronic interface to the computer have been installed.The loading frame is available n three embodiments:

  • As a Pneumatic press (load control )
  • As a motorized press (path control)
  • As a pneumatic and motorized press (load and path control)

The new invention relats to  a device comprising an embedded system for industrial process measuring and control technology and for automation.said device comprises a computer an intelligent card eqiipped with a processor and a main or more function cards that are provided with the functions require for the industrial application and a back plane,to which the intelligent card and the function cards are connected and via which said cards communicate with one another.

The cards are provided exclusively with those functions that are required for the industrial application.

Standards System : Triaxial T

The software  installed is desighned for a large number of triaxial studies and controls the tests in a fully automatic mode,records the measurement data generated and calculates and supplies the online graphic as well as evaluation protocols.Even while triaxial studies are in progress,the system shows the measurement results obtained and ghe calculations that have been made.various triaxial tests can be called up by mouse click

path controlled triaxial test    (standard)

Load controlled triaxial test   (option)

combined system :- K,S,T,P. (one apparatus for all test)

using corresponding mechanical add ins,in addition to the triaxial cell it is also possible to install an oedometer shear box,or test cylinder into the load system for performing the following test in fully automatic mode:

Triaxial test

compression test

shaer test

permeability test (T.Cell)

Extension test (special device)

Dynamic test (special device)