Load Apparatus Several Units

Load Apparatus Several Units Load Apparatus Several Units Product Code: EKE 110 K

Standard load 10 kN                           resolution load 1 N
Option load 20 kN                               resolution load 10 N
Option load 50 kN                               resolution load 20 N
Settlement +/- 25.00 mm standard     resolution 0.01 mm
Settlement +/- 50.00 mm optional       resolution 0.01 mm

The process control computer EKE 110 XL takes over the entire and simultaneous control of several soil specimens being studied performs the required calculations and delivers the evaluation protocol online. graphic provides an immediate overview of the current status of the compression study.

Load cells:

Oedometer - Round
Ø = 80.00 mm standard
Ø = 100.00 mm optional
Other dimension on request

High quality precision –
Oedometer made of stainless steel using CNC machines.