ITM Non Metal Materials IZOD Charpy


Model EU-2.75 EU-22
Impact energy 1J 2.75J 5.5J 11J 22J
Impact velocity 3.5mv/s 3.5m/s
Rising angle 160° 160°
Impact semidiameter 0.322m 0.322m
Pendulum moment  PL(1J)=0.5155N-m PL(2.75J)=1.4177N-m
PL(22J) =11.3419N-m
Distance between striking
edge to upper surface of 
22mm  22mm


Model EJ-5 EJ-50
Pendulum energy 
0.5J 1J 2J 4J 5J 7.5J 15J 25J 50J
Rising angle 160° 160°
Distance between  
cendulunters of pendulum
and specimen
380mm 380mm
Pem moment 0.5J PL=0.258Nm 
2J PL=1.031Nm
5J PL=2.578Nm 
15J PL=7.733Nm 
50J PL=25.777Nm

1J PL=0.516Nm

 4J PL=2.062Nm

7.5J PL=3.866Nm

25J PL=12.889Nm

Dial scale 0-0.5J minimum scale: 
0-2J minimum scale:
0-5J minimum scale: 
0-15J minimum scale:
0-50J minimum scale: 0.5J

0.005J 0-1J minimum scale: 0.01J

 0.02J 0-4J minimum scale: 0.04J

0.05J 0-7.5J minimum scale: 0.075J

 0.15J 0-25J minimum scale: 0.25J

Corner dimension of
striking edge
30 degree 30 degree
Round angle radius of
striking edge
R=2mm =2mm
Specimen conform to ISO180 conform to ISO180

EU Series pendulum Impact testing machine is used to test or determine the anti impact capacity of non-metal materials, such as hard plastic, enhanced nylon, ceramic, toughened glass and dielectric etc. Be adopted by scientific research institutes, colleges, universities and many nonmetallic materials manufactures and
laboratories. This machine is developed according to the standard of ISO180-82 or ASTM D256. Also, it has advantages of simple in structure, easy to operate and high accuracy.

Main Functions:

EJ-5 / EJ-50 Pendulum Impact testing machine is used to test or determine the anti-impact capacity of non-metalmaterials, such as hard plastic, enhanced nylon, ceramic, toughened glass and dielectric etc. Be adopted byscientific research institutes, colleges, universities and many non-metallic materials manufactures and laboratories. This machine is developed according to the standard of ISO180. Also, it has advantages of simple in structure, easyto operate and high