Projection Screen

Product Code: ET-50

Dia. of projection 180mm
Dim. of Square 110×125mm
Platform Round diameter 90mm
StrokeVertical ±10mm
Horizon ±10mm
Up and down ±12mm
Magnify rate 50×
Objective magnify rate 2.5×
Project objective magnify rate 20×
Optic supply 12v 100w
Power 220v 50Hz 1ph
Dimension 515×224×603mm
Weight 18kg approx.

ET-50 is optical equipment which is used for inspecting the quality of the UV notches and meets the requirement of customers and the International Standard during an impact test of metals. According to optical projection, ET-50 can magnify the outline of UV notch on specimen 50 times and project it on the screen. We can compare the projection to the standard to check that whether the UV specimen is eligible. It is very easy to operate.