Seed Germinator

Seed Germinator Seed Germinator

INSIDE CHAMBER SIZE (W x H x D)               LTR.
555 mm x 910 mm x 605 mm                             308

1. Exterior lighting arrangement (on both sides)
2. Automatic Timer (0-24 hours)
3. Electronic Digital Temperature Indicator-cum-Controller.
4. Dual Setting Digital Temperature controller for setting two different Temperature for day and night.
5. Automatic Voltage Stabilizer 3 KVA.
6. Humidity stable to control Humidity Inside the chamber.

Pipette and Burettes

Model No. Description Capacity
EKE 11020-1 Graduated Pipette 10 ml (nominal)
EKE 11020-2 Graduated Pipette 20ml (nominal)
EKE 11020-3 Bulb Pipette 50ml
EKE 11020-4 Burette 50ml (nominal)
EKE 11020-5 Burette 100ml (nominal)


EKE 11021-1 Evaporating Dish, Shallow form with spout,
porcelain 100 x 40mm nominal Diameter x height
EKE 11021-2 Evaporating Dish, Shallow form with spout,
porcelain 150 x 45mm nominal diameter x height
EKE 11021-3 Evaporating dish, shallow form with spout,
porcelain 200 x 66mm nominal diameter x height

Most suitable for conducting various experiments on a variety of seeds under different conditions of temperature and humidity. Atmospheric conditions are created within the chamber to perform different chamber made up of anodized Aluminium or S.S. and outer chamber of M.S. Sheet duly painted. Angle Iron frame with caster wheel at bottom for easy movement. Humidity (not adjustable) is created in a S.S. water reservoir fitted at the bottom to provided 90% to 95% ±3% RH Humidity.
The door is having a viewing glass window / double door to view the germination of seeds inside the chamber. The unit fitted with Eco-Friendly Kirloskar / Tecumseh Compressor / condensing kit. Supplied complete with 10 adjustable perforated trays. Complete with cor and plug to work on 230 V A.C. Supply.