Geologger Geologger Product Code: EKE 878

Suitable for 10 differential or 30 single ended analog inputs can be used in any mix.
Expansion by external modules of 10/ 30analog channels. Battery backed internal RAM, stores up to 1/1,000 readings. Removable memory card, store up to 17,000 readings Compatible with spreadsheets, graphic and statistical packages Compatible with most communication methods including direct connect modems, radio and satellite.

All programming is by simple descriptive commands, which are entered from a host computer via the serial interface. Commands can be pre-recorded into a memory card, and these are automatically executed whenever a memory card is inserted. LCD type, 2 line x 16 character, backlit, alphanumeric display. Displays channel data, alarm status and system information. 5 Key Keypad for display selection, scrolling, backlight. Compatible with computers, terminals, modems, satellite ground terminals, serial printers etc.
Voltage: 9-18VAC or 11- 24VDC external power.

This Data Logger provides for unattended scanning and remote control of types of vibrating wire instruments. It also reads Thermocouples, Platinum RTDs, Thermistors, Semi conductor and Resistance Strain Gauges It is a microprocessor based battery powered data logger. Data is stored in battery backed RAM and removable memory cards. It Incorporates facility to set alarms on all channels. Has an integral display and key pad.

EKE 87801 Channel Expansion Module for Geologger; capacity 30 single ended or 10 differential channels 

Only two EKE 87801 channel extension modules can be connected to one EKE 878 Geologger