Rockbolt Rockbolt Product Code: EKE 851, EKE 852,EKE 853

EKE 851     Rockbolt, 25 mm dia. x 1.5 m long
EKE 852     Rockbolt, 25 mm dia, x 3 m long
EKE 853     Rockbolt, 25 mm dia, x 6 m long

The Instrumented Rockbolt is used to measure change in the magnitude of loads distributed along the length of the bolt as a function of time.

Measurement of Rockbolt loads To monitor the behaviour of jointed roof and floor strata during various mining/tunnelling stages To determine the magnitude of loads on roof supports Instrumented Rockbolt


Rockbolts provide a conventional means of strengthening underground openings and stabilizing cut slopes in rock. It is therefore important to check that installed Rockbolts will not fail through over loading.
The Instrumented Rockbolts comprise a hollow ribbed steel bar fitted with upto four internal extensometer rods. The extensometer rods are secured at anchor points to the body of the Rockbolt at predetermined positions. The extensometer rods extend from each anchor point to the measuring head.
Any extensional and/or compressional force initiated by loading at locations along the length of the Rockbolt cause the displacement of adjacent rod extensometer anchor points. Consequently a change in the position of a particular anchor point causes a movement of the attatched extensometer rod which move independently of the other anchor points.
Movement of one or more of extensometer rods in relation to the measuring head is monitored by inserting a dial depth gauge into the appropriate aperture in the measuring head

EKE 854    ENKAY - SIL Instrumented Rockbolt, 25 mm dia, 3 m long
EKE 855    ENKAY - SIL Instrumented Rockbolt, 25 mm dia, 6 m long
EKE 860     Dial Depth Gauge, 0.001 x 5 mm