Permeability Permeability Product Code: PRM

The GEOSYSTEM Permeability Test Program is a DOS-based program that calculates and prints the results of a variety of flexible wall and fixed wall permeability tests:

  • Performs calculations for ASTM D 5084 Methods A, B, and C, and the Trautwein Constant Volume test 
  • Calculated results are displayed followed by a graph of flow volume vs. time 
  • Time and date are converted into seconds or hours of elapsed time
  • Adjusts elapsed times for changes to and from Daylight Savings Time 
  • Graphs on report show Flow Volume vs. Time and Permeability vs. Gradient 
  • Permeability is corrected for temperature 
  • Constant Head Test Features:
    • Can handle 2 runs at different gradients on the same specimen
    • Flow rate is determined by linear regression
    • Test differential head is calculated using average gauge pressures, corrected for hydrostatic levels in buret
    • Buret level resets allow for long tests