California Bearing Ratio

Product Code: CBR

This program reduces the data from California Bearing Ratio (CBR) tests and calculates CBR values and plots reports featuring stress vs. penetration, CBR vs. density and swell vs. time charts. ASTM D 1883, AASHTO T 193 and Virginia Test Method 8 procedures and calculations are supported.

Both Imperial and metric units are supported; data may be entered in one system and automatically converted to the other for reporting.

If a non-linearity correction is needed, the user interactively selects a correction tangent line 

Swell data is supported but not required 

Optionally, the program will interpolate data to determine the CBR at 95% maximum dry density 

The test report presents the load-penetration curve and the test results for up to three specimens

The report may also include swell-time graphs and CBR vs. percent compaction graphs 

Reports may be exported as .DXF (CAD) files, .EMF (Windows metafile -- suitable for use with word processors and drawing programs) and .PDF. PDF files becoming a standard format for Internet (i.e., web and e-mail) documents.

The raw testing data may also be exported into a format called XML. These files may be viewed with a web browser and imported into Microsoft Excel (XP and newer) which makes them perfect for supplying to clients who want access to the raw data.

CBR can import data acquisition files created by the DGSI (Durham Geo) automated load frame, and can also be configured to import data acquisition files created by customized data acquisition systems.

Be sure to check out the in-depth discussion of new CBR features, the CBR User's Guide (643kb, Acrobat Reader required) and to request a downloadable demo.

Product Data Sheet (PDF): CBR Data Sheet (Acrobat Reader required)