LabSuite LabSuite Product Code: LS

LabSuite combines our popular grain size distribution and moisture-density (Proctor) programs with software for calculating Atterberg limits and soil classifications. This package generates professional quality grain size test reports, Atterberg limits test reports, moisture-density reports and a USDA textural triangle report.

Sieve percentages (i.e., percent finer) and conformance to specification
Fractional percentages (e.g., percent gravel, coarse, medium and fine sand, etc.)
Calculated diameters and various percentages (e.g., D10, D30, D60)
Fineness modulus
Hydrometer results
Coefficients of concavity and uniformity (Cc and Cu)
Natural moisture
Index values (liquid and plastic limit, plasticity and liquidity index)
Soil classifications, including USCS (ASTM D 2487) AASHTO M 145 (also designated as ASTM D 3282), USDA, Burmister and AS 1726, and additional DOT-specific classification systems are freely downloadable from our website
Optimum moisture and maximum dry density results; results can be automatically corrected for the presence of oversize (rock) material
New in version 4
Export reports in .PDF and .XML format (ideal for e-mailing results to clients)
Liquidity index calculation
Natural moisture content
Australian Standard 1726 soil classification and support for Australian Standards AS 1141.11 (grain size), and AS 1289.3.1.1, AS 1289.3.2.1 and AS 1289.3.3.1 (Atterberg limits)
Printed USDA textural triangle report
Fractional grain size percentages can be calculated using the particle size divisions specified by ASTM, AASHTO, Burmister, Wentworth, AS 1726 and various state DOTs
Multiple sample splits for sieve tests
New particle size chart styles, including Wentworth (Phi) and log(size) vs. probability
New chart reports
Container weight database: The software can be set up to keep a list of IDs and weights for sample containers. This new feature allows you to skip weighing moisture content and sieve test sample containers.
Selectively omit compaction test points from the moisture-density curve
Moisture-density test results rounding are now selectable on a per-test specification basis (e.g., ASTM D 698 requires rounding the maximum dry density and optimum moisture content to the nearest 0.1, while D 1557 requires rounding to the nearest 0.5)
Latest standards versions, including ASTM D 698-07a, D 1557-07, D 448-03a, and AASHTO T 99-01, T 180-01 and T 224-01
Printed charts can include color curves
Selectable chart scales
Chart reports can include a disclaimer and "Tested by" and "Checked by" signature areas
Integrated system means no more switching between your grain size, Atterberg limitsm, soil classifications and Proctor modules. Your soil classifications are calculated automatically without you needing to view the USCS, AASHTO, etc. test windows, and Proctor oversize corrections are automatically adjusted for the sieve percentages entered for your grain size tests.