Swell Consolidation

Product Code: SWC

This program reduces and reports the data from one-dimensional consolidation or swell tests (ASTM D 2435 and D 4546, Methods A and B). The software features full reduction of time-consolidation data, including both square root and log of time methods. Coefficient of primary and secondary consolidation, void ratios, compression and recompression indices, preconsolidation and swell pressures, T0, T50, T90 and T100, and swell/collapse percentages are calculated and reported.


Simultaneous display of the compression and time rate curves 

Real-time adjustment of both time-rate (Cv) and compression curve (Pp and Cc) construction lines

Supports US and SI units, automatically converting as needed

Supports water-added (swell) tests

Multiple reporting formats available

User-created deflection database allows the software to accommodate for loading frame deflection

Imports files created by software from most common data acquisition manufacturers