Triaxial Shear, Direct Shear and Unconfined Compression

Triaxial Shear, Direct Shear and Unconfined Compression Triaxial Shear, Direct Shear and Unconfined Compression Product Code: TDSUC

This program reduces the data from triaxial shear, direct shear and unconfined compression tests. Support is included for triaxial pore pressure or drained test buret readings and for vertical deformation readings taken during direct shear testing. SHEAR is compatible with both Corps of Engineers and ASTM testing procedures (ASTM D 2166, ASTM D 2850, ASTM D 3080 and ASTM D 4767) and will also handle staged tests, which are single specimen, multiple shear runs at different normal or confining stresses. 
Both Imperial and metric units are supported; data may be entered in one system and automatically converted to the other for reporting.

Calculates UU, CU, CU with pore pressures, and CD triaxial tests

3 triaxial test report formats

Interactively adjust the strength tangent envelope

Plot pore pressure versus strain and the stress path diagram for triaxial tests

Calculates moisture, density, saturation and void ratio for initial, saturated, and consolidated phases

Staged load ring constants are permitted, as well as separate constants for each specimen

Direct shear and triaxial tests may have up to four specimens

Four separate unconfined tests may be combined in a single report

A data and results summary may be printed for each specimen

Units of measure supported are cm, inches, lbs, gms, kN, psf, psi, ksf, tsf, ksi, kPa, and mPa

Reports may be exported as .DXF (CAD) files, .EMF (Windows metafile -- suitable for use with word processors and drawing programs) and .PDF. PDF files becoming a standard format for Internet (i.e., web and e-mail) documents.

The raw testing data may also be exported into a format called XML. These files may be viewed with a web browser and imported into Microsoft Excel (XP and newer) which makes them perfect for supplying to clients who want access to the raw data.

Product Data Sheet (PDF): Shear Data Sheet (Acrobat Reader required)