DTH Hammer

DTH Hammer DTH Hammer Product Code: DTHM
Features and Benefits:
1. The production cost is reduced by leaving the reducing coupling out. 
2. To counter the lock phenomenon of stones and earth when drilling, the pickup resistance will drop by using the taper coupling when drilling dig are lifted. Thus further save the production cost by reducing the dead lock fault. 
3. Special computer-controlled heat treatment craft is adopted to protect perching dust from polluting the main parts of products, which helps to add some water into the compressed air to protect operators’ health with wet drilling.
Item/type DTHM70 DTHM80 DTHM90 DTHM100
Uoterdiameter(mm)      66     72   80    95
Grosslenght(mm)     786    795    796    789
Airpressur(mpa) 0.63 0.63 0.63 0.63
Impactenergy(j) 82 108 133 165
Impactfrequency(hz) 16 16 16 16
Airconsumption(m³/min) 4.2 5 7.2 9
Interfacesize(mm) K52×8 K48×10 K48×10 K52×8