Slump Test Apparatus

Product Code: EKE 334
Standrad: IS:7320, BS:1881, ASTM C 143, AASHTO T119

Degree of workability Stamp Compacting factor
Very low 0 - 25 mm 0.78
Low 25 - 50 mm 0.85
Medium 50 - 100 mm 0.92
High 100 - 175 mm  0.95
Very High Collapsed Not applicable

Optional Extra
EKE 33401 Slump Cone
Conforms to IS:7320, BS:1881, ASTM C143, AASHTO T 119 specifications. Made of sheet steel, suitably protected against corrosion.

The slump cone is filled with freshly mixed concrete and is tamped with a tamping bar in three or four layers. The top of the concrete is leveled off with the top of the slump cone, the cone is lifted vertically up and the slump of the sample is immediately measured. Base has cleats on its underside to help dig into the ground surface Positive clamping of slump cone to the base while filling and rodding the concrete A combination swivel carrying handle also doubles as the datum making the conventional and somewhat awkward measuring procedure of using a foot rule and a datum bar, a thing of the past Supplied complete with base plate, having cleats and swivel handle and EKE 345 Tamping Rod of 16 mm dia x 60 cm long.