Vee Bee Consistometer

Vee Bee Consistometer Vee Bee Consistometer Product Code: EKE 335
Standrad: IS:10510,IS:1199, BS 1881 (Part 104), AASHTO T126

Consists of a vibrating table, specimen pot, slump cone, graduated rod and, acrylic plate. Suitable for operation on 415 V, 3 phase, 50 Hz, AC Supply.

Flow Test

The Flow Table is designed for determining the workability of portland cement concrete.
The Flow Table top is 76.2 cm dia, finely machined from a solid brass casting. The integrally cast ribs are designed for support and strength. The stand is fabricated out of cast iron and is of sturdy construction. Holes for mounting on foundations are drilled in the base plate. The ground and hardened steel cam is designed to drop the table by 12.5 mm.