Frame Frame

The load frame is a welded steel fabrication carryingthe ball-seated upper platen. Positively located on the loading ram which is protectedfrom debris by a cover, the lower platen is marked for the centering of cube and cylinder specimens. The dimensions of the frame allow the testing of concrete cylinders up to 320 mm long x 160 mm diameter; 100, 150 mm and 200 mm cubes. All machines are supplied complete with 30 mm, 50mm and 90 mm distance pieces. To test samples shorter than 150 mm extra distance pieces should be ordered. All machines are supplied with flexiglass front and rear removable safety doors. All frames have a single acting upstroking ram with over travel protection to stop the motor when the maximum platen travel be reached.

The main characteristics are:

High stability welded assembly 50 mm piston stroke with safety limit switch Platen hardness of min 55 HRC Distance pieces and safety door included Ball seating assembly and frame tested for stability