Concrete Mixer, Pan Type, Capacity 40 L

Product Code: EKE 9891


Mixing Capacity : 40 Ltrs.
Overall Dimension : 910mm (L) x 875mm (W) x 1250mm (H)
Electric Supply : 440 V
Motor : 2 HP, 3 Phase, AC, 960 Rpm


  • Portable & Compact.
  • Adjustable Blades.
  • Simple to clean & maintain.
  • Easy to operate.

The Concrete Mixer has been designed for mixing small quantities of concrete used in preparation of concrete cubes, for testing in laboratories. The purpose of the mixer is to smear mechanically the aggregate surface with cement paste uniformly and produce a mix of uniform consistency. This in turn gives consistent quality of cube specimens when casted in the moulds.The Concrete Mixer developed is transportable on wheels. The design of mixing paddles ensure uniform & efficient mixing of cement & aggregate both in dry & wet conditions. The equipment can also be put to use for mixing of any other material in dry / wet conditions. The arrangement helps the operators to access the pan contents conveniently & emptying the mixture after completion of the operation. The drum is driven off the ribbed base. The lid with mixing paddles clears off the top of the drum to provide maximum access to the operator. Operator safety being paramount, the same is ensured by electrical interlocking switch which trips the supply to the motor of the drum even if the lid is lifted accidentally while the mixer is in operation.