Hydraulic Jacks

Hydraulic Jacks Hydraulic Jacks
EKE 465 50 kN 0.5 kN 50 mm
EKE 466 100 kN 1kN 75 mm
EKE 467 250 kN 2 kN 75 mm
EKE 468 500 kN 5 kN 110 mm
EKE 469 1000 kN 5 kN 152.4 mm
EKE 470 2000 kN 10 kN 215.4 mm


Hydraulic Jacks have multipurpose utility, i.e. application of loads while engaged in field investigation, determination of load carrying capacity of piles in the field. tensioning of wires in pre-cast structures, loading of members of any structure for deformation characteristics, etc. The jacks are supplied complete with manually operated pumping units fitted with Bourdon tube type pressure gauge and a steel connecting pipe.
High Pressure Flexible Hose Pipe is required for connecting the pumping unit to the Hydraulic Jack. This is an essential extra to be ordered with any of the above jacks. The hose pipe is available in varied lengths as indicated below:
EKE 47501 High Pressure Flexible Hose, 1 m long
EKE 47502 High Pressure Flexible Hose, 2 m long
EKE 47503 High Pressure Flexible Hose, 5 m long, metallic. All the jacks have a piston travel of 50 mm and jacks upto 500 kN capacity are provided with retraction springs. These are available in the following ranges: