Type w

Type w Type w

This product is suitable for Supervision of the company,quality supervision on site sampling tests as well as testing centers,on site automatically assesment results and print without manual calculation.


Lcd large screen high resolution 160 * 160
Low power 2.5 # batreries
Sweet voice report numbers function to improve the efficiency of testing staff.
Using USB Communicated interface then quickly export the computer component data
Easy to operate,the software set the upper and lower rebound values,he outliers can be automatically removed
Test hammer using imported parts,mehchanical parts machining high precision long service life,superior
Technaical Data
Measuring range: 10-60Mpa
Impact Energy : 2.207 J
Spring constant : 785N/cm
Spring extension: 75 mm
The consistency of the sample showing values :<<+_ 1 (Digital Output sampling value difference with the cursor readings)
The average rebound values on steel anvil : 80 +_ 2 power :2, 1.5waaa alkaline batteries power consumption : <20 m A,measuring (average current) storage :-100*50*16=80000 testing results.