Ultrasonic concrete tester

Ultrasonic concrete tester Ultrasonic concrete tester Product Code: EKE-UCT-170

with excellence analog circuitry design,the repeatabiliy and accuracy is superb The color of background is changing according to measurement mode Direct read out of transit time of ultrasonic in concrete with ultrasonic transducers,which is pulsed by high voltage With the combinations of high energy pulser,high sensitivity receiver and high efficiency transducers it is escellent in thick and attenuative materials TFT Color and LCD make it easy to operate in work site or laboratory. Status messages and different color display according to measurement modes enables to ascertain present inspection modes.

6 x AA recharhable batteries enables 5 hours operation with 1 hour charging. Display the transit time in 0.1 u s unit RF Waveform can be observed through RF output connector to oscilloscope or optional A/D board It is possible to connect 2 through 16 transducers to observe the change of ultrasonic transit time according to time lapse using mortar container multiplexer and PC (option) Rugged Aluminium case Low battery status display.

The velocity of ultrasonic wave in concrete is affected by elastic property or strength 

EKE-UCT 170 applies high voltage and sends it to transit transducer to generate ultrasonic wave.This ultrasonic wave reaches to the receive transducer through concrete.when elastic property or strenth of concrete is high,the transit time is short.on the other hand,when the materials are contrary,the velocity is low. EKE-UCT-170 measures theultrasonic transit time accurately so it makes possible to evaluate a material or find an elastic properties non destructively to investigate uniformity cavities,cracks ,fire/ frost damage delamination deterioration and strength.

EKE UCT 170 uses 52 Khz concrete transducers manufactured by mkcndt which was desighned to send and receive ultrasonic signal effectively in highly attenuative materials,including concrete wood,stone and plastic.