Measuring principle of EKE-UCT-170

Measuring principle of EKE-UCT-170 Measuring principle of EKE-UCT-170 Product Code: EKE-UCT-170


Measuring Range of ultrasonic Transit time :01 us-9999.9 us
Display: 320 x 240 TFT LCD
Connector: BNC/BNC
Operating temperature : 20-50c
Power:6 x AA Rechargable battery
Battery life:continuosly 5 hours with 1.200 V Pulse
Size: 105 (H) x 172 (W) X 68mm (D)
Weight:1,065 grams (main body with batteries inside)
Warranty:1 year

Ultrasonic wave is well propogated in hard materials,like concrete stone and wood other than sonic wave.The velocity of ultrasonic is affected by length or  stiffness of the material.ultracon -170 evaluates the elastic property and measures the depth of crack in concrete structures as well.In order that ultrasonic wave could propogate easily,ultrasonic couplant should be applied to the surface of UT transducers or concrete

The EKE-UCT-170 Kit
EKE-UCT-170 main body
Carrying pouch
Battery charger
A pair of 52 kHz UT Transducer
RG 58 cable with BNC/BNC connectors
Refrence Block
Instruction Manual.