Mortar Mixer

Mortar Mixer Mortar Mixer Product Code: EKE 412-2
Standrad: IS:10890
  Revolution of 
paddle (rpm)
 Movement of
paddle (rpm)
Low Speed 140 ± 5 62 ± 5
High Speed 280 ± 10 125 ± 10

This apparatus has specially been designed to prepare cement mortar for strength determination as specified in IS:4031. It can also be used in mixing lime with pozzolonic materials for determination of lime reactivity (as per IS: 1727) and for uniform mixing of soils with additives such as lime, cement, etc. The stainless steel mixing bowl has a capacity of 4.75 litres. The paddle, also made of stainless steel, can have both planetary and revolving motion for uniform mixing. This equipment is electrically driven at two speeds.