Vibration Machine

Vibration Machine Vibration Machine Product Code: EKE 418-1
Standrad: IS:4031, IS:10080

EKE 414 Mould, Steel, for 70.6 mm Cube with ISI Certification Mark as per IS:10080

EKE 41801 Side Spring
EKE 41802 Supporting Springs (Set of four)
EKE 41803 Springs, for Fitting Mould (Set of two)
EKE 41804 Endless Belt
EKE 41805 Belt Guard
EKE 41807 Eccentric Shafts with bearing

A specially designed Vibration Machine is used for vibrating the mix in moulds at a frequency of 12,000 ± 400 cycles per minute, as per specifications.
The Vibrator is mounted over coiled springs and the vibrations are developed by means of a revolving eccentric shaft. The centre of gravity of the vibrator, including the cube and mould, is either at the centre of the eccentric shaft or within 25 mm below it. The simple design of the machine facilitates easy assembly and dismantling of the cube moulds. Each machine is certified for its frequency by the National Council of Cement and Building Materials (NCCBM). The machine is suitable for operation on 220 V, 50 Hz, single phase, AC supply. Each machine is supplied with one cube mould (steel) with ISI Certification Mark. (On request)