Permeability Tester

Permeability Tester Permeability Tester Product Code: EKE 437
Standrad: IS:1727, 2645

EKE 437    Permeability Apparatus Three cell model, with a Foot Pump

EKE 438   Permeability Apparatus Six cell model, with an end pressure gauge

Permeability test on pozzolana cement mortar and cement mortar with or without the addition of integral water proofing compound is carried out using a brass cell of 100 mm dia and 50 mm high. Each cell with collar is clamped in-between a base plate and a top plate with the help of tension rods and nuts. The cell assembly is mounted on the stand. The top plate is provided with an inlet and air release vent and the base plate is provided with an outlet. A pressure chamber is fitted with a pressure regulator and a pressure gauge 0-10 kg/cm² indicating the chamber pressure, and a pressure
gauge 0-7 kg/cm² indicating the test pressure. In three cell model, a pressure chamber is provided with foot pump, whereas in six cell model, the chamber is not provided, as this model is intended to be used with a compressor.