Laboratory Ball Mill, 5 Kg capacity

Laboratory Ball Mill, 5 Kg capacity Laboratory Ball Mill, 5 Kg capacity Product Code: EKE 441

EKE 44101 Steel Ball, 40 mm dia
EKE 44102 Steel Ball, 30 mm dia
EKE 44103 Steel Ball, 25 mm dia
EKE 44104 Steel Ball, 19 mm dia
EKE 44105 Steel Ball, 12.5 mm dia

Laboratory Ball Mill is primarily designed for grinding pigments. The material is ground at a specific speed by using a specific quantity of grinding media (steel balls) for a specific period. The equipment is used for making the ground cement samples in the laboratory. Apart from the cement industry, it is also used in the paint, plastic, granite and tile industries.
The equipment comprises of a welded steel drum made of 8 mm thick steel plate, having an internal diameter of 300 mm and length of 300 mm. The drum is supported by heavy ball bearings at the two ends. It has an opening of 100 mm length x 100 mm width for insertion of the specimen for grinding. A water and air tight cover is provided to close the opening after the specimen has been loaded, and has an arrangement for holding at any desired position. Rotation of drum is regulated a t 30 rpm.
It is fitted with an electric motor and gear box to operate on 220 V, single phase, 50 Hz, AC supply. The equipment is provided with a four digit revolution counter for recording the revolutions.
It is supplied with twelve 19 mm dia steel balls.