Cylindrical Metal

Cylindrical Metal Cylindrical Metal Product Code: EKE 454
Standrad: IS:2386 (Part 3)

EKE 45401 Measure, 3 liters
EKE 45402 Measure, 15 liters
EKE 45403 Measure, 30 liters 
Supplied Complete with EKE 345 Tamping Rod of 16 m dia x 60 mm long.


The angularity or absence of rounding of the particle of an aggregate is a property which is of importance, because it effects the ease of handling of a mixture of aggregate and binder, for example, the workability of concrete, or the stability of mixtures that rely on the interlocking of the particles.
The bulk density and voids in between aggregates can be ascertained using the following equipment.