Penetration Cone

Penetration Cone Penetration Cone Product Code: EKE 515
Standrad: IS:1448 (Part 60), ASTM D 937, IP 179, BS:4698, ASTM D217, IP 50, ISO 2137

Weight: 102.5± 0.05 g

EKE 518

Bitumen Penetration Kit

EKE 51801 Penetration Needle
EKE 51802 Transfer Dish, made of copper
EKE 51803 Aluminium Sample Containers, Set of two

For empirical estimation of the consistency of lubricating grease and petroleum. Made of brass with a hardened steel tip. The stem of the cone is interchangeable with all types of ENKAY Penetrometers manufactured to close tolerances, providing a unified cone and ensuring that there is no shoulder between the tip and the body.