Marshall Apparatus-single speed

Marshall Apparatus-single speed Marshall Apparatus-single speed Product Code: EKE 550-1

It consists of:
EKE 552-1 Marshall Load Frame cap 25 KN, single speed, 50.8mm / min. 1 No.
EKE 55001 Breaking Head Stability Mould, with a dial gauge EKE 072 (having 25 mm travel and 0.01 mm least count), for flow measurement 1 No.
EKE 55002 Compaction Mould, Steel, cylindrical 3 Nos.
EKE 55003 Base Plate 3 Nos.
EKE 55004 Extension Collar 3 Nos.
EKE 55005 Compaction Pedestal, Manual Operation, comprising a Steel Plate capped on a wooden post. A Mould Clamp is fitted to the top of the plate 1 No.
EKE 55006 Compaction Hammer, for use with Compaction Pedestal and Mould, weight 4.5 kg with a free fall of 457 mm 2 Nos.
EKE 55007 Load Transfer Bar 1 No. Essential Accessory
EKE 271 Proving Ring, capacity 25 kN (2,500 kgf)

EKE 55020

Electronic Conversion Kit for Marshall Apparatus

EKE 550 Marshall Apparatus with two speeds - 50.8 and 61 mm per minute is also available on request.